Through the voice of law, we vision to make a better tomorrow.

Vox Legis is a Latin term which essentially means ‘the Voice of Law’. The Vox Legis blog is an online publication of the Faculty of Law, Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda. It is operated and managed by a team of law students. It purports to concoct and deliver stellar content on varied legal subjects.

A myriad of insights regarding social, legal, political, environmental, and other such aspects will be enlightened by our intelligible authors, the focus of the content being legal affairs. Contemporary legal issues are manifested by way of articles, posts, and creative designs. The manifesto is wrought to disseminate informed opinions of our authors in the form of blogs.

The purpose of this blog is to create a platform that encourages the exchange of knowledge and understanding regarding contemporary legal and public policy-related issues. It aims to foster discussion on the evolution of law and society. We anticipate the ideas provoked by the topics on the blog will spark an interest in the readers and encourage them to conduct further research in those areas in order to enhance their knowledge.  





An Insight

Scientia powers the mind of a human with the clearest of perspectives.

Scientia is the ultimate synthesis of the best gift a human may possess – Insight. The first step in the process of growing and learning is to delve deeper into the past and present. Understanding the cause and effect of a step or a change or even a movement in changing the course of history.

Our previous edition “Aurora” represented the arrival of the new age in the same way that the light of dawn emerges from the horizons of Earth after a stormy night. This edition represents the inquiry of curious minds into the contemporary issues of society through a lens of historical insight.

The articles in this edition of Vox Legis reflect our authors’ insights into the conundrums of the world, as they evaluate various subjects in order to steer society to a brighter future through the strength of their insightful perspective.

Team’s message

Team Vox Legis is a group of individuals who have distinct and unique personalities that form a cohesive disruption just like jazz music,  so we bring out the best in others while improving ourselves. As a team, we portray profound thoughts, where we believe that by the medium of this platform we can contribute to a holistic understanding of legal concerns.

This year marks a milestone for the team Vox Legis, because it comes with some new and important enhancements like publishing exceptional articles in the form of blogs. We make sure that authors get the necessary support by working extensively on the articles in order to furnish superlative content.

At Vox Legis, authenticity is held to the highest regards and the team continues to work tirelessly with each new endeavor to uphold our values. Vox Legis has a very young history and it continues to improve with time. It is time for us to look at its legacy and continue to work hard in climbing up the ladder of excellence through dedicated efforts. 

Wishing the best to the authors!