Month March 2023

International Humanitarian Law: An Ongoing crisis?

Ancient civilizations, empires like the Byzantine Empire’s Code of Justinian, to religious books bear testimony to the fact that humanitarian law and laws of war exist to contain the ravages and tyranny of war. Perhaps the need to systematize was felt only during the Second World War when ghastly crimes against humanity were executed. To reiterate military necessities and simultaneously balance the concerns of humanity, International Humanitarian Law (IHL) was brought into force.

Space Laws in India: An Exigency?

Man’s new endeavours outside the planet were a marvel and mystery, Humans had discovered a playground that was as wide and large as their biggest dreams to explore and sometimes in consequence exploit. Hence framing rules which would regulate the conduct of outer space expeditions become sine quo non.
This article shall analyse the existing international space laws and how they provide a bedrock for countries to have shaped their own laws. Further discussing the exigency of Space Laws in India.

Analysing Constitutional Amendments Through the Paradox of Ship Of Theseus

The amendment to the constitution of any nation around the world is a sacrosanct procedure which is done in order to change the constitutional jurisprudence of the country and to meet the demands of the changing times.

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