Evolution is the need of mankind. In this day and age we cannot neglect the need for constant change. Gone are those days when men were afraid to raise their voices. This era comprises of people who are striving for a better society. They are ready to voice their opinions on issues that concern the society. At every stage, man is more becoming aware and informed. ‘Vox Legis’ recognizes this pattern of evolution. Our college and its people are privileged ones because, at every stage, they get to understand and study the law. We are the future of this nation and through the voice of law, we aim to make a better future. The theme of the magazine doesn’t restrict itself to the four walls of this college but extends to everyone who recognizes this need for change. 

Code blue is a resuscitative effort of revival of a person suffering from a cardiac arrest. In the first edition of ‘Vox Legis’, we the editorial team took up the theme of ‘Code Blue’ as a metaphor for revival; revival of socio-economic discourses that were perceived to be archaic. The topics that have been presented in the magazine revolve around the torments of people which demands immediate attention! We as citizens of a democratic nation cannot let these issues be brushed under the carpet and hence, we arrive at a situation we need to call out for Code Blue.

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