Month January 2021

Narco-Analysis Test- A Violation of Right against Self-Incrimination

Criminal cases and investigations in recent times have witnessed the emergence of a new investigative technique- Narco-Analysis test. However, this technique comes with a bag of legal and ethical questions- questions which have been debated for a long time now

Is Sedition Law Curbing Free Speech?

Various governments have often interpreted and misinterpreted the sedition law and the views of citizens are used against them. Is this how a democratic country governs its citizens? The increase in violence and protests is not because the people are exercising their fundamental right to freedom of speech and expression unreasonably, instead, it’s because of the lack of public platforms provided by the government for its citizens to voice their opinions. In this article, the author has expressed his views regarding the constitutionality of the sedition law and has questioned whether mere criticism of the government amounts to sedition.

Deep State- A Myth or Reality?

What is the Deep State? Is it a theory? Rise of a Shadow Government? Or a mere Conspiracy?

Miscarriage Of Justice: Right To Compensation Of The Wrongfully Convicted

There is at present in our country no statutory or legal scheme for compensating those who are wrongfully incarcerated. Find out how to compensate victims of “Miscarriage of Justice”.

Contempt of Court – Time to Relook?

“Contempt of Court” There is a fine line between denigration and fair criticism, but is our judicial system failing to draw the line when it comes to Contempt of Court?

Why regulation in OTT platforms?

Find out why, booming technology and OTT platforms being the new wellspring of entertainment, the subject of regulating the content on such platforms has been a hot topic for debates?

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