General Guidelines: –

  1. The authors may choose to write an article on any topic from the list of topics or on any contemporary social-legal issues.
  2. Authors may also submit judgement reviews on any recent landmark judgements.

  3. Co-authorship of up to two authors is permitted.

  4. The word limit for the Article shall be 1500-2000 words.

  5. The word limit for the Judgement review shall be 1500 2000 words.

  6. The article must have a title.

  7. The submission of the document shall be in .doc/.docx format only.

  8. All Articles shall be submitted to the official id of the Magazine/Blog- [[email protected]]. 

  9. The Subject of the mail AND the name of the submitted document shall be the Title of your Article.

  10. The mail shall have a cover letter, specifying- The Name of the Author, Contact number and the Academic Year (in case of Co-Authorship- Name of both the Authors, their Contact Numbers and their Separate Academic Year).

Formatting Guidelines: –

  1. The body of the document must be in Times New Roman, with a font size of 12.
  2. Line Spacing of 1.5 has to be maintained between paragraphs and text.
  3. All the footnotes should be in Times New Roman, Font Size 10 and with single line spacing.
  4. The document must be justified.
  5. All sources either referenced or mentioned must be duly cited, as per the Indian Law Institute Guidelines.

Conditions of Review and Publication: –

  1. All writers are required to strictly adhere to the submission guidelines mentioned above.
  2. The submission must be an original unpublished work. Submissions should not be simultaneously considered by any other publication.
  3. All submissions will be checked for Plagiarism by our Editorial Team. Libelous, scandalous, offensive or plagiarized submission will be liable for rejection.
  4. The Editorial Team will evaluate submissions on the basis of criteria including but not limited to originality, argumentation, language, structure and analysis.
  5. The Editorial Team shall review the accuracy of citations.
  6. The decision of the Editorial Team regarding the acceptance/rejection of submission shall be final. The Team shall not be bound to disclose the reasons for such rejection.
  7. After review, the submissions may be returned to authors, suggesting changes to content, style or structure. Publication of the submission may be made contingent upon incorporating such suggestions.

For any queries, please feel free to write to us at [email protected].

Happy writing! Stay safe, stay home!


Team Vox Legis

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