Month January 2022

Bishop Franco Mulakkal: Another Judicial Blunder?

Judicial defaults set a bigoted standard of how a rape survivour is supposed to make a complaint.

Need for Marital Rape Laws: An Ultimatum to Dignity

Men have failed in justifying unconsensual and forced sex with wife more than women have correctly justified resisting forced sex with husband. Rape itself is a heinous crime in India but a more dangerous crime than this is the marital rape. Unfortunately, there is no strong legal structure against the same. It is also to be noted that getting married does not give open access to neither of the party to have sex and this basic norm should be known to the masses.

Social Media- Pedagogy of Juvenile Delinquency

In this article, the author, has primarily focused mainly on social media acting as a prime reason for increasing juvenile delinquency backing it up with detailed research and surveys.

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