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Menstrual Leave Policy And Related Laws Around The World

Menstruation is not much talked about in our society and hence related legislations are barely found or rarely cater to the needs of the hour. Read more to find out the importance of such legislations.

Bail as an exception and jail as a rule and not bail as a rule and jail as an exception “a privilege for the already privileged?”

We, over the period of time have been witnessing a migration of the judiciary from the well settled principles of criminal jurisprudence, which is presumption of innocence until proven guilty. Remand has been an important judicial function which has been treated very casually. It has become a trend to allow all applications for remand for the sake of investigation. What we tend to forget is that liberty of an individual is linked to the procedural laws, and violation of these laws shall lead to violation of the rights of an individual in addition to his right to fair trial.

Need to Reactivate Article 224A

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Evident idea behind the Article 224A was to appoint retired judges to the burdened courts, despite the provision for the same it hasn’t been utilized appropriately. Read more to find out thoughts on the same.

Sedition Law – An Iron Hand To Restrain Free Speech

I want my independence in Free Speech. I don’t want to be judged by the Government or their Authorities over my speech. I don’t want to be charged under sedition law for my speech. I am under constant surveillance and I want independence from that as well.

Domestic Violence: An Unaccomplished Agenda

In the developing India of today, the most basic element of individuality, dignity and respect towards women is still at large and women’s overall status is yet to improve due to ambiguous laws and patriarchal society.

Social Media: The Executioner of Human Rights?

Social Media platforms have made Billionaires out of college dropouts. The presence of these platforms is not just a virtual existence anymore, it is a lifestyle. However, one needs to understand the collateral legal repercussions that these platforms exude- repercussions that have been the topics for debates in the world.

Social media – New platform for giving verdicts without trials

Social media is the court of law where the popular opinion is the order of law and ambiguity of awareness of statutory laws are trolls paradise.

Dearth of Legislation: A Take on Live-in Relationships

If a woman feels she is nothing without the support of a man, that is the failure of the system. With thoughts like these on live-in-relationship and a never-ending stream of questions bombarding the social norm and bereft culture.

Separate Sports Law in India: Need of the hour

Sports still holding a major stake in entertainment industry still depend on inadequate sports law that have no evidence of efficiency. what is the status of current sports laws, are the effective, and what can be done to improve them ?

Sedition law – a Vagary

“When the people fear the Government, there is tyranny, when the Government fears the people, there is liberty.” A sharp contrast is the draconian law of sedition, evidently used to mush down free speech.

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